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Our Products
7 Plates (HI-TA 817)
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3 Plates (HI-TA812)
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Hydrogen Shower
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Bottle (HI-TA 13)
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Our Products

HI-TA 817 Water Ionizer model is Buder’s most advanced technology piece of innovation from Hitachi Maxell. With 7 solid platinum-coated titanium plates, it results in the best electrolytic ionization process and produces a wide range of strong alkaline water to strong acidic water, pH 2.7- pH 10.50 without add-on chemicals. It's patented auto-reverse cleaning feature makes Buder HI-TA 817 the darling product for the sellers and consumers.

Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer - 7 Plates (HI-TA 817)

Energize your mind, body, heart and soul with the Award Winning Alkaline Water Ionizers from the World’s leading manufacturer- Maxell Ltd.

Highest ORP

Provides ORP upto -1000 mV which reduces the oxidation in the body by eliminating the reactive oxygen and slows the aging process to allow the cells to heal faster

Filtration System

Inbuilt 4 stage filtration system with 0.1 micron UF membrane that removes 13 Types of Contaminants with a Filter Lifetime of 12,000L

7 Platinum Plates

The Platinum-Titanium Electrode Plates are thicker and larger than the Electrodes of other brands which provides better electrolysis output for all types of uses.

Patented Design

Electrodes are designed using Maxell’s Patented Surface Treatment Technology for enhanced durability and electrolysis efficiency.

ISO Certified

Certified by Water Quality Association, Illinois, USA and ISO-13485 for Medical Grade Device Manufacturing and Assembly.

Self Cleaning Technology

Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology which cleans the Electrode Surface 3600 times per hour to prevent build up of mineral deposits on Electrode Surface.

Our Products

Advanced Technology

Automatic reversed cleaning during Electrolyzing by 1/50 second.
All “ BUDER” water ionizers are “MADE IN JAPAN” by “Maxell,Ltd.” (old “ Kyushu Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.”), and the electrodes are “Platinum Electrode plates” with ”Maxell,Ltd.” unique patent and High-End “Perfect Platinum PFC” Technology for electrodes surface treatment.

“Maxell,Ltd.” unique patent- “Perfect Platinum PFC” surface treatment Technology! The platinum electrodes plates are treated by very fine electroplating one time and then second time treated by Sintering. Sintering is an effective process to reduce the porosity and enhances properties such as strength, electrical conductivity, translucency and thermal conductivity.

The platinum electrodes after two times surface treatment, the form of electrodes thickness are thicker than other manufacturer. It brings the best performance which is the best water ionizer in the world.Also the UF membrane mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges for our water ionizers are “MADE IN JAPAN” by “ Maxell,Ltd.” too.

“ BUDER” Water Ionizers are certified by TUV / ISO13485,” and the UF membrane mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges are certified by JIS / SGS, has the best quality in the world.

Product Specifications

Model No. HI-TA817
TypeCounter top
PH value2.7~10.5
Electrodes Plates7 Platinum plates
Electrode Plate Size(mm)155 x 90 (6.10 x 3.54 Inch)
Voltage / Watt110V / 50W
Feed Water Pressure70 ~ 350 K Pa
Flow RateMax. 4.4L/ minute
Cleaning SystemEach second automatic reverse cleaning for 1/50th second (3600 times/hr)
Weight / Dimension5.7kg / 24x13x32cm
Filter MaterialSilver activated carbon + UF membrane 0.1um,certified by JIS(JAPAN)/ SGS
Filter Lifetime12000 Liters

Our Technology

Embedded with multiple Patented Technology with Cutting-edge Designs to maximize efficiency and quality of our products

Advanced lead-removing filter cartridges

The water expert, Buder water ionizer is equipped with the most advanced lead-removing filter cartridges made of hollow-fibered membrane. We have tested the filter cartridges with harmful colon bacillus, total bacteria count, toxins (arsenic, cadmium, mercury, lead) and pesticides residuals (diazinon, parathion, EPN and monocrotophos). Our customers are assured that every single drop of our ionized water carries Japanese JIS 3201 and SGS International certifications. The filter cartridges removes more than 99% of harmful substances from water keeping you away from illness and leaving you active and healthy.

Our Products
Our Products

The filter cartridges for Buder water ionizer are manufactured in Japan and directly imported from Japan to Taiwan. They have hollow-fibered membrane and activated carbon, which gives you double filtering. They remove more than 99% of heavy metals, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and pesticides from water. Their filtering capability is verified by Taiwan SGS.

Our Products
Our Products
Our Products

Reverse Cleaning Technology

The world’s first reverse current self-cleaning feature

The Patented Reverse Cleaning System designed by Maxell Ltd. In Japan ensures the purity of your Water and longevity of the Ionizer. During Electrolysis For Every 1/50th Of A Second, The Current Reverses And The Layer Of Mineral Deposits Are Cleaned From The Electrode Plates. These Layers Are Flushed Away, Giving Your Alkaline Water Ionizer A Long Lifespan

Advanced Inbuilt 4 Stage Filter

First Lead Removal Hollow Fiber Membrane Cartridge

Hi-tech Inbuilt Filter combines 4 types of Filtration Membranes including 0.1 Micron UF Mebrane, Granular & Fiber Activated Carbon Membranes. Designed with more than 47 Years of Expertise in Water Purification, the inbuilt Filters have a long life of upto 12,000 Litres.

Our Products

Hydrogen Water Generator Bottle (HI-TA 13)

Recharge your water and enrich your body with active antioxidants with the Buder HI-TA 13 Hydrogen Bottle designed and manufactured by Maxell Ltd. in Japan

High Efficiency Electrolysis

Very well designed Platinum electrodes does very quick electrolysis & generates Hydrogen Water quickly.

High Corrosion Resistence

Patented Platinum electrodes design which resists corrosion & increases the life of electrodes.

Hydrogen Concentration

Generates 900 ppb Hydrogen Concentration in just 3 minutes

One Touch Activation

Activates Hydrogen Generation of the water by just one touch. Very Simple & easy to use.

Rechargeble Battery

Battery of the Bottle is chargeable by using USB charger anywhere, anytime.

Portable Design

Can carry bottle anywhere easily, charge it easily & generate Hydrogen Water anywhere anytime when we want to drink it.

Our Products

Buder Alkaline Water Ionizer - 3 plates (HI-TA812)

Recharge your water with the benefits of Alkalization & Antioxidants. Get the trusted patented technology in a convenient 3 plate design for domestic use.

Trusted Performance, Affordable Price

Get the high performance of our Alkaline Water Ionizers along with the affordability of the 3 Plate Design

4 Stage Filtration System

Inbuilt 4 stage filtration system with 0.1 micron UF membrane that removes 13 Types of Contaminants with a Filter Lifetime of 12,000L

Patented Technology

Thicker and larger Electrode Plates with 7 year Warranty for better Electrolysis and Improved Durability with Patented Designs.

Wide pH Range

With settings from pH 5.5-9.5, get the right pH Water for all your needs such as Drinking Water,Beauty Water and Cooking Water

ISO Certified Medical Device

Certified by Water Quality Association, Illinois, USA and ISO-13485 for Medical Grade Device Manufacturing and Assembly.

Self Cleaning Technology

Patented Reverse Cleaning Technology which cleans the Electrode Surface 3600 times per hour to prevent build up of mineral deposits on Electrode Surface.

Our Products

Terra Wash Laundry +Mg Sachet

The Laundry Detergent Replacement made with the latest technology from Japan that uses the power of Magnesium to save Water, Energy & Time!

No Chemical Residues

Like other detergents, Terra Wash +Mg doesn’t leave any soapy residue, keeping your clothes clean without needing rinse cycles

Fabric Friendly

Terra Wash does not harm your clothes and protects the color of your fabrics, making them last longer

Saves Water & Energy

Does not require any rinse cycle and prevents excess water from being wasted because of soapy residue on clothes


Terra Wash +Mg has been tested to show that its action kills germs which keeps your clothes fresh for longer

Removes Dirt, Odors and Germs

Terra Wash +Mg has been proven to be just as effective as detergent in removing the dirt, germs and mold from clothes.

10x Stronger Than Detergents

Lab Tests have shown that Terra Wash +Mg is upto 10 times more effective than detergents in removing odors from clothes.

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This product uses the ultra high speed vibration technology, make water into superfine particles, can quickly permeate to base layer by the stratum corneum, and instantly supply moisture to the skin water scarcity. every part can be used for the whole body, face, body, hair and other parts of maintenance.

Rechargeable Battery

Powered by USB charger anywhere, anytime.

Suits the crowd

Suitable for all skin types & unisex.

Sleek Design

Designed as a mini size in your handbag or pocket.

Nano Technology

A kind of advanced high-end technology.

Our Products


Comprehensive Scan DNA genomic analysis bring you personalised..

Better lifestyle interventions

A large number of conditions such as Diabetes,Obesity, and Cardiovascular Diseases can be prevented by lifestyle interventions.

Early detection

More options than traditional medicine! Early detection could help open different treatment avenues, diet and exercise routines, learn more about drug efficacy.

Highly cost effective

It provides more information to your health care providers, is highly cost-effective, and saves a large amount on health insurance.

Better health management

Getting tested early is key to better health management. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Our Products

Hydrogen Shower

Hydrogen works to protect moisture, prevent damage, and strengthen hair. After showering, your hair will feel incredibly smooth to the touch.

Unusual smooth feel

Hydrogen shower increases the amount of bound water that gives moisture to the hair.

Cuticle ( Surface condition) Comparison

It contains plenty of bound water, making it hard to damage. More effective with daily use. Taking a hydrogen shower will cause less damage to your hair than regular tap water.


The luxury if washing your hair in a hair salon for your daily shower.


Tap water is replaced with hydrogen water simply by replacing the shower head.

Our Products

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